22 weeks :)


Photo Jul 28, 8 36 48 AMPhoto Jul 28, 8 36 58 AM


18 weeks until we meet out little GIRL! Don’t mind my work belly selfie 🙂 She’s the size of an eggplant and will just get bigger and bigger every week!!! She weighs a little over a pound and is about 11.38″ long!


How far along? 22 weeks!!! Things have definitely been flying by already! 

Total weight gain/loss: gained 8 pounds 🙂

Maternity clothes? yup! jeans and shorts! I wear the maternity shirts but don’t necessarily NEED them. But hey, they’re comfy 🙂

Stretch marks? None yet 🙂

Sleep: Sleep is becoming less and less of a thing that I actually get….it’s kind of irritating me! 

Best moment this week: Well I haven’t updated for 2 weeks 🙂 so last week, of course we were so happy to find out that we’re having a GIRL! The ultrasound and everything went amazing! (minus that we were a few minutes late) hehe But every part of our little girl is just perfect right now! All her measurements were great. We even got to see her kidneys, stomach, femur, and where the umbilical cord inserts 🙂 We definitely have a hyper little girl on our hands too! She just would not stay still during the exam! It was kind of hard to even find out what her gender was! I asked the tech to let me try and guess what the gender was, which it was pretty darn obvious what she was when they pulled it up (which before we told people what the gender was, I stumped some some people when I said it was really obvious :)) hehe Otherwise, everything has been good on the homestead! 

Food cravings: anything cucumber, still 🙂 had a big craving last night (and still have it) for an Eggo Waffle with butter and syrup! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: OMG my whole protein factor has done a complete flip (I think). I totally ate chicken over the weekend and it was amazing!!!!! So as of right now, nothing really makes me queasy or sick! I’ve always been a weird texture person so if something has a weird texture, I have a hard time eating it.

Have you started to show yet: no doubt there! I can’t hide it anymore 🙂 haha not that I really was! But I’m still told once and a while that I don’t look 22 weeks pregnant!

Belly Button in or out? still in but it’s getting flatter 🙂

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve been getting happier and happier, I think mostly because life, in general, it just great! 

Weekly Wisdom: even going to the bathroom right before you go to bed doesn’t help with the 2am wake up call to pee!

Milestones: Finding out the gender and see her move around in there! It was so much fun knowing, and somehow keeping myself from telling the whole world until Ava knew! She found out Friday and was soooo exctied!

Next appointments: Next appointment with Dr. Weston is 8/25 🙂


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