Let’s Compare!

It’s hard to tell in the picture (Baby #2, right) but I really am quite a bit bigger then I was with Daisee at this point!

Well, since this weather is far from exciting, let’s do a comparison of my pregnancy with Daisee and my pregnancy with Baby Hotmar #2!

I’m a week off, but one week doesn’t make TOO huge of a difference 😀

Baby is the size of an Apple this week! So crazy that in these last 10 weeks my baby has gone from being the size of a grain of rice to an apple! (and funny that we use fruit to compare this). I’m definitely feeling pregnant and not that I’m trying to, but I’m having a harder time not showing it!

How far along? Daisee: 14 weeks 4 days. Baby Hotmar#2: 15 weeks today!

Total weight gain/loss: Daisee: gained 2 pounds. Baby Hotmar#2: gained 2 pounds

Maternity clothes? Daisee: not yet, but may have to look into it for jean wearing! Baby Hotmar#2: I probably could wear maternity pants but am still pretty comfortable in regular jeans!

Stretch marks? Daisee: nope! Baby Hotmar#2: nope!

Sleep: Daisee: every day’s a little different….but sleep doesn’t come easy that’s for sure! Baby Hotmar#2: I would say sleep is pretty easy to come by now! I get up usually once a night with a full bladder but otherwise sleep through the night!

Best Moment this week: Daisee: I’m pretty sure this morning when Dan was getting ready for work, I turned over, got comfy and baby decided to say Hey Mom! I’m really in here!!! It’s hard to tell now since gas has been an issue and it kinda felt the same…but this felt just a little different! Baby Hotmar#2: this week has just started, but not baby related, we had a fun-filled weekend! We went to the Madison Fishing Expo with my sister and the kiddos then to BWW’s (omg amazing!) then Sunday went to a birthday party for my cousin Nolan! In comparison to Daisee, pretty sure I felt movement a few weeks ago, but again, it’s so hard to tell right now if it’s digestion or baby! But I know it’s a mover 🙂

Have you told your family and friends? Both babies: yup! The whole world knows! (or at least those on my Facebook 🙂 )

Movement: Daisee: possibly :). Baby Hotmar#2: most likely!! 😀

Food Cravings (this is the fun one!): Daisee: chicken wings, pizza, anything chocolate ice cream (shakes, ice cream). Baby Hotmar#2: mac n cheese, salt on everything, ketchup! (and if you know me, I NEVER eat ketchup!), Pepsi (naughty!), salad with Italian dressing!

Anything make you queasy or sick: Daisee: umm the smell of pot roast grosses me out. Otherwise just really strong smells sometimes get to me. Baby Hotmar#2: meat is definitely something that isn’t routinely on the top of my most requested foods, but over the last week it’s gotten better! Otherwise my sickness has actually gotten quite a bit better!

Have you started to show yet? Daisee: yup! There’s officially a bump! Not super big, but it’s there! 🙂 Baby Hotmar#2: I’d say I’m definitely bigger at this point of pregnancy with this baby then Daisee, which is pretty normal. I’ve had a bump for a few weeks and can’t deny that I’m pregnant 🙂

Leakage: Both Babies: nope!

Gender prediction: Daisee: just hoping for a healthy baby 🙂 Baby Hotmar#2: still hoping of course for a healthy baby but as far as instincts, I feel boy. But with Daisee I had a feeling she was a girl almost right away and nothing really told me boy! This pregnancy, I haven’t gotten any real, true feelings of boy or girl!

Labor signs: Both Babies: wayyy too early!

Belly button in or out?: Daisee: in. Baby Hotmar#2: starting to come out!

Wedding rings on or off?: Daisee: on. Baby Hotmar#2: on!

Happy or Moody most of the time”: Daisee: mood swings have gotten worse with the second trimester, but I try to stay happy for my sanity 🙂 Baby Hotmar#2: definitely happy! I have my angry times but my mood swings are definitely gone!

Weekly wisdom: Daisee: water, water, water, WATER! Baby Hotmar#2: too much to eat at BWW = long ride home!

Milestones: Daisee: possibly feeling movement! That was an awesome feeling and put a HUGE smile on my face! 🙂 Baby Hotmar#2: finally feeling more energy and more of an appetite in the second trimester!

Next appointments (we’ll just do Baby Hotmar#2 for this): OB appointment with Dr. Nguyen Wednesday.

At this point of my pregnancy, I’d say things are looking somewhat similar. What I can’t get over myself is that I’m a sucker for salt (not really sweets at all) and that ketchup is now something I look for to dip french fries, chicken and even EGGS in!


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