Let there be movement!

Almost halfway done! (just depends if you ask me or my OB). I say that because my dating ultrasound gave me a different due date then what I originally figured off of my period. Like a weeks difference. I just go off of what I originally got before my first US. 🙂

Baby is the size of a mango this week! Roughly 5.98″ from crown to rump and 8.5oz. Getting pretty hefty! Haha. There’s no doubt that there’s a child in there, mostly cus’ I can feel it! It usually catches me off guard, but I love it!

How far along? 19 weeks and 1 day!

Total weight gain/loss? I’ve gained 2-3 pounds

Maternity clothes? Yes, definitely pants. My scrub pants are even starting to get uncomfortable! Shirts are still okay.

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: oh man, I can sleep pretty good for the most part but the dreams I have! Holy smokes! I’ve always had weird dreams all my life but these are a little insane. I can usually pin point what thought a dream came from (i.e. thought of a classmate from school or saw a picture and bam they’re in my dream), but these are just obnoxious. I haven’t the slightest clue where they come from. Maybe between reading the “Dorothy Must Die” series and just starting “Harry Potter” (yes I’m a little behind on that). I’m also having a hard time staying comfortable. I’m normally a back sleeper so telling myself to just sleep on my side is SO hard!

Best moment this week: I ate a pork chop last night for supper! Guys, this is huge. Protein, especially meat, has been the hardest thing for me to eat, as it was with Daisee! Not saying that I’m going to eat pork chops every night, but hey this is a step up! Also, as said above, I can feel the baby move! Not all the time but there is a difference between gas bubbles and baby kicks!

Have you told your family and friends? Yes, if you don’t know, then I probably don’t know you.

Movement: yup!

Food cravings: I have been a sucker for chicken wings lately. Especially Parmesan garlic ones. Two Wednesdays in a row we went to The Old Rock and had wings. We also made some at home. They were all fantastic! Otherwise I haven’t really been craving much!

Anything make you queasy or sick: I don’t think I’ll be eating Jimmy John’s anytime soon. Ordered a turkey tom Friday for lunch, got it back to the clinic, took my first bite and it tasted hardcore like fish. It was disgusting. I also had an upset stomach most of the weekend. Which could have been related or not, who knows. But it’s like one of those things you just can’t turn back to!

Have you started to show yet? Yes!

Leakage: nope

Gender prediction: still no true feelings of boy or girl, but man oh man everyone seems to say boy! Plus, this must be a year for boys. Almost everyone I know is having a boy! Hopefully I follow suite 🙂 as long as it’s healthy, I’m happy.

Labor signs: no way!

Belly button in or out? halfway out!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time? I’ve been pretty happy! Tired, but happy.

Weekly Wisdom: protein, protein, protein!

Milestones: feeling movement!

Next Appointment: April 19th! 8:00am Ultrasound! 9:15am Visit with Dr. Nguyen!

Gender Reveal on April 23rd 🙂 Cannot wait!