Rock that bump!

Phew it’s been far too long since I’ve gotten online to give an update!


I think I’m going to do another comparison blog post! That seemed pretty fun last time I did it, might as well again 🙂

Baby Girl is the size of a cauliflower! 13.5″ long and 1.46 pounds (roughly) According to my pregnancy app, she is enjoying her new sense of equilibrium and now know which was is up and which is down. She is also growing more fat and more hair! (hopefully that doesn’t mean reflux!)

How far along? 25 weeks 3 days (comparing the information based on when I was 24 weeks and 3 days with Daisee)

Total weight gain/loss: Daisee-+10, Baby Girl-(+12)

Maternity clothes? Daisee-yes, I tried to wear a pair of jean capris that weren’t maternity…yea not so good! I even had a rubberband holding the button closed. Baby Girl- maternity bottoms all the time. I can get away with wearing some of my scrub pants but seriously had to resort to maternity scrubs 😦 at least they weren’t much more then regular scrub pants!

Stretch marks? Nope with both! (crossing my fingers this time though, I’ve popped much quicker!)

Sleep: Daisee- knock on wood! I have been sleeping pretty well lately! Still kind of tired during the day, but usually 8:00pm comes around and I’m wiped! Baby Girl: ohh sleep…sleep hasn’t come quite as easy with this pregnancy. I’m normally a back sleeper so sleeping on my side had been the hard part. I get major hip pain and have to flip flop throughout the night. But I believe it’s getting better!

Best moment this week: Daisee: our biggest excitement lately is that Ava was able to feel her sister last weekend!! It was such an awesome thing! She was like “Ali, what are you doing with my hand?” I was like “don’t you want to feel your sister kick?” Then she sat super still! Baby Girl: nothing too exciting this week necessarily but exciting new since last post is that we found out that we’re having another girl! I was on team boy, but I think that was more because everyone was telling me that I was having a boy! No worries there! She’s healthy and very active!!!

Food cravings: Daisee-anything with cucumber, still :). Otherwise, I’ve finally been able to eat normal! I have even had chicken, oh yeah! Baby Girl- No major cravings exactly, more just if I see a commercial with Oreo’s, I want Oreo’s. My appetite is back though! I’ve had every kind of meat. It’s pretty awesome. I feel like this is better this time around. Thank goodness!!!

Anything make you queasy or sick? Daisee-Nothing right now, knock on wood! Baby Girl-no, nothing in particular!

Have you started to show yet? Daisee-for sure! still don’t look very pregnant when I’m in my black scrubs but the PA I work with can definitely tell! Baby Girl- definitely, unlike with Daisee, I’ve had people that don’t know me comment on me being pregnant. One of them (which was male) said “uh oh! Congratulations!” Which seemed a little odd….

Belly button in or out? Daisee- still somewhat in, it’s getting really flat though! Baby Girl: it’s slowly making it’s way out! It doesn’t show through a shirt or anything,but definitely has come out

Wedding rings on/off? Still on for both!

Happy or moody most of the time: Daisee: I’m definitely happier, but don’t piss me off….cus you won’t win!  Baby Girl: I’ve been pretty happy throughout the whole pregnancy! Definitely more emotional especially watching stuff on tv that is emotional but probably not cry-worthy!

Weekly Wisdom: Daisee-Heat womps when pregnant (funny, now I’m just seeing the start of it!) Baby Girl- lay off the donuts kid!

Milestones: Daisee-Ava being able to feel her little sister kick! 🙂 she will be such an amazing big sister!  Baby Girl: no real milestone except that I can DEFINITELY tell the difference between digestion and baby girl kicking 🙂

Next appointment: 5/23/17 with Dr. Nguyen! I believe it will be glucose testing time! Hopefully I won’t have to go in for the 3 hour testing like I did with Daisee!!!